Win a professional Autoglym treatment

Autoglym will treat one lucky owner during the event to a full vehicle detail, demonstrating how to get the most out of its class-leading products and why they are approved by leading motor manufacturers, as well as the Royal households of HM The Queen and HRH Prince of Wales.

** Scroll down and fill in your details if you wish to submit your car.

There is no restriction on age, type or vehicle condition although we would prefer a car which hasn’t recently been professionally detailed.

Autoglym will choose the car from amongst those submitted, then carry out the enhancement over the duration of the event. Prior to starting work the process will be explained, and your requirements will be noted – our goal is to complete each step, so anything that will not fit within the day will not be started.

Once in the detailing bay, your car will be carefully washed, paintwork decontaminated, minor correction work carried out if required (and time allows), and then protected with Autoglym’s premium High Definition Wax. Glass and mirrors will be cleaned inside and out, while plastics and rubbers protected.

Wheels will be washed and decontaminated, tyre walls cleaned and coated and wheels protected. The engine bay will be enhanced (not wet washed) and the interior cleaned and enhanced using products which restore and preserve the natural finish of its trim and materials. In other words, a full top to bottom job that will last until the next treatment is due.

And that’s where the headline offer comes into play.

Autoglym will revisit your car a further ‘three’ times, to ensure the car is fully protected throughout the year. Visits will be arranged prior to Winter (October/November time), during Spring (March/April) and then again at some point during Summer (July/August). This will ensure your car is ready for each stage of the year and attention can be paid to the various contaminants that each season generates.

It’s a fantastic offer, worth many thousands of pounds, and all we need is access to your car during the event to start the process.

Terms and conditions

1The offer of return visits applies to the car which Autoglym work on at the event and is non-transferable (to another car or subsequent owner).

2The car must be located in the UK, where it can be worked on in a garage or driveway (away from the main road), with good access to light, electricity, water and sufficient space within which to work.

3Alternately (at the owner’s cost) the car will be brought to Autoglym’s premises to be worked on in their Academy in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

4Dates are flexible and Autoglym will work with the owner to find a mutually agreeable time (subject to work being carried out on a weekday, excluding weekends and bank holidays).

5The scope of work carried out will depend on the condition of the vehicle, while certain marks and damage will be beyond the scope of the detail, although Autoglym will discuss this with the owner to ensure they are fully aware of what can and cannot be addressed.

6The owner agrees for Autoglym to use images of the detailing work for promotional purposes, however Autoglym will respect the owner’s privacy by anonymizing these images if the owner so chooses.

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